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Our Service Area

Our service area depends on which one of two ways you purchase the home; "turn key", or "delivered set on your foundation".

"Delivered set on your foundation", otherwise referred to as "drop ship" pricing, is where you or a representative for you will act as general contractor. It is IMPORTANT in this situation that you already have your land or are purchasing it. You can use a local realtor in your area to purchase the land (or purchase one of our land offerings if you are nearby). We price and coordinate the order and delivery of the home for you with the manufacturer, set crew, and crane, to the extent that once the home is delivered set on the foundation it is buttoned up weather tight. For this type of arrangement our service area can be considered New England and Eastern New York. To get an idea of the amount of contracting you would be required to oversee (subcontractors such as excavator, plumber, electrician, etc.) please review our Total Cost Estimate form found on this web site. Our service area is greater for this type of sale because the subcontractors will be local to your area. Because you are more involved, you can definitely save money this way. However if you do not have experience in building, obtaining financing from a lender will be more challenging than usual, and you'll probably need a greater down payment (at least 20%) than what is normally required to purchase a home. We now sell more homes in this manner than "turn key", with most of the purchasers being developers who benefit from the fact that modular construction requires half the time management of conventional stick built homes.

"Turn key" refers to when we act as general contractors and handle everything from start to finish. In most cases, a buyer can acquire a mortgage with a 5% down payment for the total house and land price. The house comes with everything and with the lot finish graded and seeded. You drive up and move in. Because our teams of subcontractors are local and we lose efficiency the farther they must travel, our service area for "turn key" homes is generally shown in this local area map. However, if you are not sure or have any questions, please take a moment and give us a call.

If you are simply seeking more information, due to time constraints, we are unable to service individuals who are not yet ready to visit us in person. If you are out of our service area, you may contact the manufacturer direct for the name of a local dealer.
They are:

Superior Builders
1565 PA Rt 442 East
P.O. Box 344
Muncy, PA 17756
or Phone (570)  546-2264.

They will not sell homes direct to the consumer because a transaction of this magnitude requires product familiarity and supervision by a local dealer relative to the coordination of order and delivery, as well as the financials.

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