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For the first time in our 20 years as Dealers of Superior Builders Modular Homes (of Muncy PA), the manufacturers pricing on models has been reduced! The slow real estate market has sub contractors hungry for work and they too are quoting prices accordingly. Finding lots to build on has become more feasible and affordable.


$64,500 THE CENTURIAN: Affordable 26 x 44, 3 bedroom 1 and 3/4 bath Ranch with 5/12 roof pitch.

$64,500 THE SPARTAN: 24 x 40 Cape comes complete 2 bedroom one bath finished on the first floor with expandable unfinished second floor. Finish now or wait until your needs grow. Set on your foundation buttoned up weather tight, shipped with all material to finish. 1,420 square feet finished, garage not included.

$72,500 THE CEASAR: Oversized 3 bedroom, 2 bath 1,500 square foot Ranch or Raised Ranch, first floor laundry, living room, dining room and large family room.


26 X 40 COLONIAL           THE BRIDGEPORT $111,500    (See the model photo below.)

We normally order this home 2 feet longer than the manufacturer’s footprint shown. This 26 x 40 Colonial is one of our most popular models offering flexibility as a 3 or 4 bedroom 2 & ½ bath home. The three bedroom plan features a dramatic 2 story cathedral foyer entry, while the 4 bedroom plan finishes the second floor area resulting in a home with 2,080 square feet of living space. The footprint features an appealing bump out entry. This model is an outstanding value.

26 X 40 CAPE           THE CAPE COD $76,450

Over the years this 26 x 40 cape has been one of our top sellers. One reason is the floor plan and bedroom flexibility. Many customers open up the area between the living room and dining area for a more open design. Combine this with the kitchen breakfast bar and sliders out to a deck and you have a plan conducive for entertaining. The second floor comes unfinished but is a large open usable space with sub floor. Young couples can purchase the house standard with the finished 2 bedroom 1 bath first floor plan and finish the second floor at a later date as the family grows. This makes the house a 1,600 square foot 4 bedroom 2 bath home (say for an additional $16,000). Others will finish the second floor now.

27.5 X 52 COLONIAL           THE RUTLEDGE $126,750

This 2,860 square foot colonial plan is simply for those who want the biggest house for the buck.


26 X 40 RANCH           THE ALLEGHENY $66,250
24 X 40 RANCH           THE COLUMBIA $63,500



We also offer turn-key construction where we handle everything from start to finish. Delivered set on foundation is where the home purchaser (property owner) is saving money by doing the work of acting as their own general contractor, has one of their sub contractors coordinating the other contractors, or, has their own general contractor or site manager. Often in the industry this is also referred to “Drop Set” pricing. The house from foundation up comes in about 90% complete. The kitchen cabinets are in, flooring is in and heating elements such as baseboards are in. For interior work, materials are provided for the trim to be installed, the doors to be hung, there will need be flooring merged at the marriage walls and minor sheet rocking at the marriage walls and stairwells.

Typical dining/kitchen area.
Typical dining/kitchen area.
Typical kitchen area.
Typical kitchen area.
Typical bathroom.
Typical bathroom.
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On the exterior the siding provided will have to be installed on the two ends of the house due to the marriage wall. If not electric heat (most homes ordered are not) the furnace will need to be installed as well as the electric panel in the basement and both connected to the house. Modular housing should not be mistaken for cheap housing or mobile homes. Given apples to apples specifications, when a lender orders an independent certified appraisal for the loan, modular homes like most new construction often appraise for a higher value than existing houses.

Typical Modular Cape.
Typical Colonial (The Bridgeport)
Typical Modular Cape.
Typical Modular Cape.
Another Modular Cape.
Another Modular Cape.

New homes are worth more because when one purchases a 20 year old house, most likely there will be 20 to 30 year age life elements that will soon need replacing such as the heating system, the roof and the septic system. With Drop Set pricing we provide the following service:

  • Site feasibility inspection of the property.
  • Consultations for the buyer’s choices of options, specifications and floor plan modifications from start to completion of factory order.
  • Assistance in completing bank paperwork for construction financing; specifications and cost estimating form for funds disbursement schedule.
  • Coordination of unit delivery and set to the site. The home is delivered and set on foundation weather tight.
Other costs: One should review our total cost estimate form. One example provided is for the 26 x 40 Bridgeport 2,080 square foot colonial (Model photo above). Costs can vary by area and even by town. For example, the $25,000 cost for site excavation is our average cost in CT that includes stumping and clearing, cellar hole, well line, footing drains, septic systems, driveway material and finish grading. However if a site has municipal sewer available the cost will most likely be less, or, if a site is extremely wet or has ledge will be more. If a site has town water, tying into water will likely cost the fraction of a well.

At $4,000, zero clearance fireplaces are a popular option. Since a garage is a simple structure without plumbing/heating, insulation or sheetrock, we normally stick build a two car attached garage for $20,000. A two car garage under the home may be closer to $4,000 for doors and sheet rocking the interior. But this requires a sloped lot. Some costs depicted for a larger colonial like permits, house finish and heating/plumbing would obviously be less for a one story ranch.

Interested lot owners who are serious should make it a point to see some homes. If one has not yet found a lot, focus should be on finding a lot which as Realtors we can help with. Either way we prioritize face to face appointments. Due to time constraints of servicing existing customers, there is only so much price quoting and information we can provide by phone or on-line since we know that in this type of business we will never do business with someone without meeting them in person.

See our Models and Floor Plans page for more information.


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